Shimon Nachmani

About the talent:

Shimon nachmani is a mentalist who specializes in presenting super natural entertainment. For years he has been changing the pre conceived notions about these fascinating fields, Which has presented him the ability to cause ultimate astonishment upon the audience.  Time after time with the aid of his amazing physical and mental abilities he has broken all Established borders in his mesmerizing show.

Super natural trip:

Thaugts are the most intimate and sacred thing that people have and nobody would want to have them revealed, however in the show "super natural trip" this simple belief will be changed.Shimon guides the audience through a thrilling and remarkably fun show ,by revealing people's Thaugts ,moving things telekinetically ,suggestion

and more from the hidden world. He manages to reach the personal points that create a connection between people. This bond creates a common ground for the audience to accept the unbelievable. with sharp humor and stage karisma new experiences are established that touches every one and create powerful memory that leaves the audience with a taste for more. The show is specialy matched to suit the needs according to the type of event and the audience, for a small audience such as a small gathering in a home , orientations, parties and family events And for a large audience such as conventions, company events and live showes.

Albert einstien: "the most interesting and pleasurable experience in life is mystery..."

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